Podcast: Singers on speakerphone

Episode 126 - Kristen Lynn & The Foxgloves- 35

I did a podcast called "Singers on Speakerphone" with the lovely artist/musician/sound engineer,  Marty Vites!   He really delves into the music and wanted to interview me for our entire album "35."  I'm so touched within the way he put the episode together.  It brought me to tears.  

Would love to know what you think of the episode!  

"Musicology~ Episode 3"

empire network PBS

We are Episode 3 "A Hint of Italian" on Season 2 of the tv show, Musicology airing on 9/29/20 at 10:30pm with a replay on 10/3 at 11:30pm on KVCR PBS.  

Check out more on set pics here/photos


"thrive global" authority magazine review

by Yitzi Weiner

"Follow your instincts.  You have feelings for a reason. 5 Lessons from Musician, Kristen Lynn



Cover lay down

by Joshua Farber

"Sunshine Review" 


"Lonely Girl" ALBUM REVIEW

Noho Arts District Music Blog; by Francesca del Consol

Good Morning Lala land


Thank you to @robmackofficial @drerin.tv & @jezlan at @goodmorninglalaland for having me and the band on your show! We had so much fun playing and I loved getting to chat with you.


Episode 28 of "The Whiskey and The World" Podcast is up!  Stephen and I had a blast on the show. It's all about Hangover drinks, movies and our new album!! Listen to "Lonely Girl" & incriminating questions about the band starting at 28:24. It just keeps getting better when the whiskey keeps on coming. Kitty & Joe are the best! 

LISTEN HERE: EPISODE 28: Whiskey And The World

Read about it here: www.whiskeyandtheworld.com

Whiskey and the World thanks so much for having us!!