1. Dream

From the recording 35

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DREAM Words & Music by Kristen Lynn

Dream dream with me/Dream dream with me/You can’t believe what I see/shall I go to my dream/ Feeling the white light around me/ is this my time when I’m free/can I let go do I believe/time to let go and just be/ Dream dream with me/Dream dream with me/Mom is that you that I see/I’ll hold you so tight so I believe/Feeling the joy from the other side finally free of this ride/sorry to all my love ones I fell/I’ll help you more where I dwell/Dream dream with me/so much green around me/so much beauty filling me/can’t let go of this serene/Take me to the wild horses run free never thought that this could be me/my life cut short but now I see/this was always/this was always meant to be

MICHAEL KOPELOW: Drums/ STEPHEN SPIES: Piano, Vocals / KYLE DOMBROSKI: Percussion/ ELLIOTT KLEIN: Lead Guitar/ ARMANDO WOOD: Upright Bass/ KRISTEN LYNN: Guitar, Vocals