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CLOSE YOUR EYES Words & Music by Kristen Lynn

You’re tired now and you’re drifting/your Mommy loves you so just close your eyes/So close your eyes/You’re doing too much and wanting to run/Your Mamma loves you so just rest and close your eyes/Just close your eyes/ Mistakes are happening you are so angry/ your Daddy loves you so breath and close your eyes/Just close your eyes/You are so grown up big and in charge/Your Sisters love you/you are strong just breath and close your eyes/ Just close your eyes/ You’re weak and weary/ your race is run/ no need for lifting cause you know you’re not alone/Your Mom is here and she says my son ”Close your eyes”

MICHAEL KOPELOW: Drums/ STEPHEN SPIES: Viola, Violin, Vocals, Piano / ELLIOTT KLEIN: Lead Guitar/ ARMANDO WOOD: Upright Bass/ KRISTEN LYNN: Vocals, Ukulele, Guitar