1. Life and Love

From the recording 35

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LIFE AND LOVE Words & Music by Kristen Lynn

I once was a girl who believed/that bad things could never happen to me/ then I grew up and things started to change/and this girl can’t believe what became {It became life and love/ it became life and love} When I think of you and how much we grew/all those memories belong in my heart to remind me of you/I’m gonna laugh like we always did/I will pray and smile like when we were kids/cause I can still hear your voice through all this darkness and the noise/And when my time is near/I’ll see you gently appear to bring me home to the rest/and I’ll know that I tried to do my best {To live my life with love/ to live my life with love} To live my life/my life with love…

MICHAEL KOPELOW: Drums/ STEPHEN SPIES: Viola, Violin, Vocals / ELLIOTT KLEIN: Lead Guitar/ ARMANDO WOOD: Upright Bass/ KRISTEN LYNN: Vocals, Piano