1. Dream


From album 35
DREAM Words & Music by Kristen Lynn

Dream dream with me
Dream dream with me
You can’t believe what I see
shall I go to my dream
Feeling the white light around me
is this my time when I’m free
can I let go do I believe
time to let go and just be

Dream dream with me
Dream dream with me
Mom is that you that I see
I’ll hold you so tight so I believe
Feeling the joy from the other side finally free of this ride
sorry to all my love ones I fell
I’ll help you more where I dwell

Dream dream with me
so much green around me
so much beauty filling me
can’t let go of this serene
Take me to the wild horses run free never thought that this could be me
my life cut short but now I see
this was always/this was always meant to be

MICHAEL KOPELOW: Drums/ STEPHEN SPIES: Piano, Vocals / KYLE DOMBROSKI: Percussion/ ELLIOTT KLEIN: Lead Guitar/ ARMANDO WOOD: Upright Bass/ KRISTEN LYNN: Guitar, Vocals