1. Life and Love


LIFE AND LOVE Words & Music by Kristen Lynn

I once was a girl who believed
that bad things could never happen to me
then I grew up and things started to change
and this girl can’t believe what became

It became life and love
it became life and love

When I think of you
and how much we grew
all those memories belong
in my heart to remind me of you

I’m gonna laugh like we always did
I will pray and smile like when we were kids
cause I can still hear your voice
through all this darkness and the noise

And when my time is near
I’ll see you gently appear
to bring me home to the rest
and I’ll know that I tried to do my best

To live my life with love
to live my life with love
To live my life my life with love…

MICHAEL KOPELOW: Drums/ STEPHEN SPIES: Viola, Violin, Vocals / ELLIOTT KLEIN: Lead Guitar/ ARMANDO WOOD: Upright Bass/ KRISTEN LYNN: Vocals, Piano